• What is miniMRF™?

    miniMRF™ is focused on recapturing aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, and other reusable materials from the residential municipal solid waste (MSW) stream. Read More
  • Sustainability

    We are positioned as your viable solution to keep your community clean and environmentally friendly. Read More
  • Recycling

    The miniMRF™ is an economically profitable mechanism designed to divert recyclable materials from the landfill. Read More
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Reducing Impact: Diverting Materials from the Landfill.

Landfill Diversion

Environmental Solutions

miniMRF™ is designed to remove ferrous and nonferrous metals, glass, and organics, mixed fiber, plastics, and an EcoEngineered™ Fuel fraction, to achieve a high rate of landfill diversion. miniMRF™ can be used as a standalone system, as a front-end processing system for conversion technologies like gasification or pyrolysis or as a front-end processing system for waste-to-energy (WTE) systems.

With miniMRF™, there are no requirements for special foundations, no field construction costs and the time required from placing an order to commencing full operation is greatly reduced when compared to a traditional MRF.

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