Mixed waste processing facility

miniMRF™ Recycling and Waste Diversion Technology, owned by PRFection Engineering, builds and operates innovative technology designed to achieve high rates of solid waste diversion. This technology is positioned downstream to recover materials that have already eluded traditional recycling programs and are otherwise destined for landfills.

miniMRF™ technology provides landfills and transfer stations with the means to divert meaningful quantities of the municipal solid waste stream, and redirect it back into valuable reuse applications. Currently, the technology targets aluminum cans, steel and a variety of other reusable materials. In its future state, when coupled with a conversion technology, landfill volume reduction can approach 90 percent.

PRFection Engineering is committed to long-term environmental sustainability. The development of miniMRF™ is part of significant efforts to reduce its environmental footprint as well as the footprints of its customers and supply chain partners.

Benefits of miniMRF
  • Increases recycling
  • Sustainable recovery of aluminum and steel otherwise missed in traditional recycling programs
  • Sustainable recovery of fines used for alternative daily cover (ADC)
  • Optional fiber, plastic and fuel recovery modules
  • No new infrastructure required
  • Cost effective
  • Mixed Waste Processing Facility