Mixed waste processing facility, dirty MRF, Engineered Fuel


What is miniMRF™?

The miniMRF™ is a specialized combination of modular equipment. The equipment is all trailer mounted for ease of installation and/or possible future relocation. The modules are connected through proprietary control systems so it functions as one system by diverting scrap from landfills. It is focused on recapturing aluminum beverage cans, steel cans, organics, glass, fiber, plastics and EcoEngineered™ Fuel (EF). The miniMRF™ can be located in new buildings, existing transfer stations, as front-end separation for waste-to-energy facilities or conversion technologies and can be combined with existing recycling programs.

Mini MRF supplies what is essentially a "pre-engineered Mixed Waste Processing system". The miniMRF™ is a "snap on" front end modular recycling system the provides both high productivity and operational flexibility. Primarily designed as a standalone dirty MRF, the miniMRF™ can also be used by waste to energy facilities and bio-fuel plants that use organic waste as a feedstock, performs the important first step of removing non-combustible materials and materials of value from the waste stream. Each module is trailer mounted allowing for rapid deployment and easy installation inside existing facilities such as new buildings, warehouses, waste to energy plants, or existing transfer stations. A module is usually rated at 35 tons per hour (150,000 tons per year) of unsorted MSW.

Additional modules can be set up in parallel to increase overall production rates. Its compact design allows for the efficient removal of high end recyclable materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, organics and glass. Additional specialized modules can be added in series for specialized material extraction. These include: fiber modules utilizing near infra red sorting to separate fiber and recover paper products (mixed paper, newspaper, office paper, flat cardboard, or corrugated cardboard); plastic modules that also use near infra red sorting techniques to remove most commercial plastic resin by code; and the EcoEngineered™ fuel module that extracts combustible materials (paper, light film plastics, etc.) that can substitute for coal as a fuel source.

miniMRF™ Requirements
  • The miniMRF™ system is rated at 35tph or 150,000 tpy of residential municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • A typical miniMRF™ installation includes: tip floor, processing, load out, bailing, storage, and office is approximately 70,000 square feet
  • Two acre hard surface pad for composting
Additional modules for miniMRF™ are available to recover additional materials
  • Engineered Fuel Module—Recovers the combustible ultra light material including mixed paper and film plastic
  • Fiber Module—recovers cardboard (OCC) and newspaper (ONP)
  • Plastic Module—recovers single serve plastic beverage containers

2014 US Trademark Certificate of Registration