January 18, 2017
Envision Pitches Renewed Recycling to Medina County Commissioners

August, 2016 - The Role of Waste-to-Energy in Sustainable Waste Management
The Role of Waste-to-Energy in Sustainable Waste Management

March 3, 2016 - Material Separation Practices/Equipment
Material Separation Practices/Equipment

December 5, 2015 - The shape of MRFs to come
The Shape of MRFs to Come – Part 1

September/October, 2015 - Series of Articles in MSW Management Magazine related to mixed waste processing:
MWP: Do You Doggie-Paddle to It or Swim Free Style?

September/October, 2015
Let's Get Honest...MWP Has a Place in the Big Pond with All the Alligators!

July 29, 2015 - Recent Conference Presentation:
Mixed Waste Processing Facilities: Not your Mother's or Father's Dirty MRF

On June 24, 2015, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued a news release announcing the publication of a report on mixed waste processing, prepared by GBB.  ACC News Release:
Report: Mixed Waste Processing May Have Potential to Increase Recycling and Waste Diversion Rates

Report: The Evolution of Mixed Waste Processing Facilities - 1970-Today

February 4, 2014

Indiana House Passes Recycling Bill with 50-Percent Goal

May 13, 2013
Houston's One Bin: It's no Dirty MRF

February 13, 2013
SWANA issues policy on safe recycling of electronic waste

Alternative Approach to the elimination of greenhouse gases
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Biological Active Covers for Mitigation
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Evaluation of a Biological Active
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Is it better to burn...?
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