Mixed waste processing facility, dirty MRF, Engineered Fuel

miniMRF™ is an excellent “snap on” front end processing system for Waste to Energy (WTE) or Waste Conversion Technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis, or the production of bio based fuels. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals obviously cannot be combusted. In fact, they can melt and plug up stoker grates in WTE systems.

The miniMRF™ process recovers these metals on the front end where they can be collected and sold as recyclable commodities. Likewise small metallic objects such as nails, paperclips, bottle caps, and others are also recovered up front and sold as a recyclable commodity. Batteries, a source of heavy metals if combusted, are recovered by miniMRF and are marketed for resale. Glass is non-combustible and can slag in an industrial boiler. Organics have high moisture content and subsequently offer a parasitic load to Waste to Energy or Conversion Technologies.

miniMRF™ removes glass and organics up front so that they may be composted to produce valuable ADC. Thanks to miniMRF™, recycling is increased and the remaining material; a metal free, glass free, organic free material is now far more suitable for conversion into energy than unprocessed waste.

The WTE facility has the freedom of adding the Near Infrared modules to extract paper and plastics, whichever greater as a commodity as a fuel. Because of the modular design employed by miniMRF™, the modules can be added now or anytime in the future.